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5 Types of Women's Shoes Taxpayer Owned

 VARIOUS activities undertaken woman pushing her perform optimally. If you work around this difficulty, the key is to have a flagship shoe that can be used in a variety of occasions.

Puzzled to find shoes that fit with your outfit? Not yet desperate to face it. The key to best performance not only relies on the alignment between the clothing and shoe color, but also compliance with the fashion style of footwear that fits.

In order not to mess around with these affairs, had just five mandatory shoe that can adapt to a variety of your daily agenda. Idiva gives his review.

Kitten heels

These shoes have the right type of short and slender, which is only approximately 1.5 to 2 inches.

Angkle boots

These shoes usually have a slightly high boot and cover the ankle. Angkle boots is perfect paired with different types of pants. If you want memadankannya with a skirt, then wear a skirt above the knee length or shorter than that size. Avoid wearing boots with cropped pants or leggings, long skirt 3 / 8, pencil skirts, and shorts.

Ballet pumps

These shoes come from the pebalet women shoes with pads in the heel section is very thin. This type of shoe is perfect paired with skinny jeans paired with a t-shirt or tunic for a casual style. These shoes can be paired with shorts and capri pants. If you want to wear these shoes during a party, use the color of gold or silver decorated with sequins and jewels.


Jeans and t-shirts even when paired with this type of shoe will create a stunning appearance. For centuries, many women use this type of shoe to create the illusion that his legs look long and high. This is one attraction for men.


Funky flat

Wearing flat shoes does not mean you are less stylish. With a choice of the right model, you can display look attractive. So if you want to look casual but still stylish, flat shoes are a good option that may be imposed.

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