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Color and Fabric Trends

Fashion Designer issued several works that will be the center of attention in this year, especially for color and fabric.
The trend fashion trends for these colors look very encouraging. Merger carah colors with luxurious accents, suitability and opposite colors are colors that are selected in this winter. Let's see some colors that are issued following a few designers.
1. Paul Pelssers
Women's clothing there are three color elements, such as artistic, natural, and romantic.
Artistic elements, filled with holiday celebrations or party Basar and rocks that look luxurious style. Not to mention the mixed style of gypsy, country, Irish, and Russian influence is seen gradually to the mixture which is not unexpected, although it looks random and contradictory.
Natural elements, color elements such young with blond, golden touches, caramel color, and dark brown, neutral colors makes the latest as the key to the season.
Romantic elements, the new mood of love looks like a collection of patterns, colors are displayed as a color transition from pink or pale colors, gray, dark until the mysterious.
Apparel Men also there are three elements of color, that is artistic, accent, Weathered.
Artistic elements, impressed fancy and use an artistic style associated with the atmosphere, put together a comfortable, soft and looks like the light of men experienced.
Accent elements, when the season looks classic and romantic or gloomy and thoughtful, the addition of accent shades of light and humorous element is absolutely necessary to leave an impression on the army navy usually brown, pale green, and gray.
Weathered element, when the use of wood began to evolve and there are additional elements on the surface of forged, customized with natural motifs that existed since time immemorial.
2. Donatella Versace and Gianfranco Ferre
Versace described the collection with a series of sentences: the beauty of a paradox, the game things are contradictory, and the hunt for a new order that is not logical that violate all the rules. The use of color and pattern decoration was reduced.
If during this use of super bright colors became the trend in almost all the designer fashion world, look at him next year to shift to a softer range of colors and classic. For ready-life clothing, menswear Ferre exploit shape like a jacket, vest, and shirt collar. The colors used are black, white, navy blue and sand colors.
Fabric Trends: The line silhouette with the use of a soft material, fall, and transparent, is reduced with the use of the material is more rigid and solid.
3. Roberto Cavalli
Masculine elements appear in the selection of colors is more shade, like black, khaki, and blue, with simple decoration.
4. Fenny Mustafa
The colors comes through the combination of different colors such as pale green, toska, and yellow. Soft colors like pastels, avocado green, maroon, burgundy, black and white, and gold was seen still dominate.
Trends in Fabrics: With details like a border, layering, or rocks and materials in the form of linen, shantung, Thai silk, georgette, silky polyester, and denim.
5. Biyan Wanaatmadja
Monochromatic color white, black, gray, beige and mauve members more choices to the user to generate a variety of possibilities.
Trends in Fabrics: Combining takstur firm of taffeta or damask in tulip skirts, trousers or knee-length calana, with superior softness like silk chiffon, tulle jersey, cotton muslin or a light, emerging balance and harmony.
Information from Muslimah magazine

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