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Meaning sheet Batik

Batik was not just an ordinary piece of cloth, but it is a medium for storytelling. A piece of batik cloth are attached to our bodies is a reflection of the history of civilization along the Indonesian nation. Batik is a spirit that radiates in every age composition of the decoration and color games that we find difficult to find in fabric engineering factory.

Maybe we some of us who do not really like batik because it felt old, but there is someone who lives in Germany, he always ordered a batik cloth as gifts separately adoptive parents and relatives there. The saurada lift is 15-year-old girl, her lover heavyweight and in virtually every chance he always gives a touch of batik in fashion either in the form of scarf, skirt or dress, now she is starting a career as a model in Germany. What about us who are in Indonesia alone?
City Pekalongan Batik
   Batik is usually written with a canting, so it takes several days and a high level of hand skills to produce beautiful batik exclusive nan. But there are also batik prints, but this type typically have less power debandingkan with batik.

In the historical records written by Rens Haringa (1996) mentioned that after the 1860 town of Pekalongan batik production centers into Indo-European or known by the Dutch batik. From the Pekalongan also batik ornamentation and composition undergoing a process of Europeanization, especially in the inspiration and workmanship. At first batik is not in mass production, but because the demand for batik needs of men and women continues to increase Indo-European, the growing production of batik.
At that time, issued by the batik batik workshop owned by businessmen such as AJF Jans, Lien Metzelaar, Tina van Zuylen, and especially Eliza van Zuylen become imperative to have, because their production of batik used as a bookmark connectedness with Dutch communication.

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