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Hooded Style

Make you who have no intention of wearing veil

Create your already veiled, but sometimes still confused how to wear the veil a nice n neat, especially if for the office to let tetep there oblique oblique durable ga here.

Or sometimes like to be bothered if there are n busy own party invitations

Well ga no harm, consider the following tips.

The first step:

Get to know your own face shape, whatever relates to advances such as the way her makeup, hair or hooded, the most important thing is megenal your own face. For that take a moment to not only see the reflection of the face in the mirror, but rather to observe and analyze face shapes that bounce in the mirror.

There are 5 basic face shapes: oval, round, square, triangle, and oval.

Well after recognizing your own face shape, the second step you need to know two basic styles hooded.

1. Veil met under the chin

Use a scarf squares by first folding up to form a segiriga same side with the outside of the larger 10cm, good for non-visible edge scarf race. Put a scarf over ciput then arrange a meeting with both sides symmetrical under the chin, to associate with small safety pins

Chin style hood is suitable for you who have a round face and a box shape. For both these forms of faces, veiled look you will look more neat n nice if you also wear headbands volume.

2. Veil met behind neck

Basic materials and methods similar to the initial use of the "veil chin. " The difference is how to wear, scarves placed on ciput with symmetrical, then pull the left end kananya back and tie neck. Take rest one end of the scarf that had been bound, pull it towards the front and cross in front of the neck. Tambatkan to the edge of the scarf which is under the ear with the use of a pin.

This hooded style makes the area look wider jaw. So for those of you who faced the triangle and the length of this scarf style match.

You're having an oval face shape, you can use both basic style hooded earlier, depending on your taste which you want to select.

This is just the beginning of the hijab fashion tips, look forward to another tips2. So do not ragu2 to stop by the fashionable hijab.

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