Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

In Order Not Easily Broken Fingernails

Layer of nail polish on your nails attached, it turns out in addition to beautiful effect, also makes the nails become brittle and break easily. Believe me, there will be no pretty-pretty at all if you have nail polish color of soft pink coat that ends chipped, or even broken.
This time, the problem of brittle nails it disiasati without dizziness. Surely you are also quite familiar with star fruit and onion wuluh right? Both that which can support the power of your finger nails. To starfruit wuluh, you simply rub irisannya the nail.
Its function, in addition to cleaning the dirt on the sidelines of the nails and outer skin, starfruit wuluh also can sustain her. No less with starfruit wuluh, garlic rubbed into the nail can overcome the brittleness of the nail. Do it as often as possible if you are a loyal user nail polish.

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