Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Look Beautiful With Skirts

Wrap skirts are not only gives the impression of feminine, but to highlight the beauty of the body, especially the abdomen, and waist. Skirts are also able to show off the beauty of the wearer's foot.

Want to know how to highlight the beauty of the body and cover up deficiencies in the body with the skirt? Here's the trick, as quoted from the Shine:

1. Show off a slim waist
Skirt that falls from the waist can give the effect more foot ladder, and slimmer waist. With a piece A-line, this skirt is suitable for you who have a slender body shape
and high.

However, if you have a torso that is not symmetrical it is advisable not to use this skirt, because it will create the illusion of a very short part of the body. For those of you that was short and small, make sure the skirt does not exceed the knee and not too broad, because it will drown the skirt shape of your body.

2. Create more foot ladder
Use a pencil skirt with a loose-fitting model from hip to thigh limits to make you more beautiful foot ladder. This skirt is also able to disguise the shape hips and thighs that big. In addition, this skirt is also capable of providing a good silhouette on your body.
3. Show off curves
For those of you who have beautiful buttocks and thighs form a tight, very suitable to use a pencil skirt is a little tight mini. Use a skirt with stripes motif gorizontal to make the buttocks look more toned.

4. Covering stomach
Skirts that fell from the waist line with a little accent buttons menyerong in the abdomen and a little accent wrinkles develop in the hips will hide the excess fat in the abdomen. Long skirts are only limited to the thigh or above the knee will draw attention to your beautiful legs.
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