Kamis, 05 Mei 2011


Want to look beautiful and attractive?, you do not need to dress your face with thick makeup makeup like a mask or clown. With natural make up, then your face can look naturally beautiful. So try these tips do, namely:


  • Before using make-up, clean your face first Kanter with cleaning. And then, apply a moisturizer to maintain skin moisture on your face. 
  • Create you who were white, use white cream base to provide more fresh effect yang on makeup. 
  • Use liquid foundation that is elementary powder using a sponge assistance. For facial acne or black spots on the face use a counselor at the problematic so that covered. 
  • For the last part, use talcum powder or compact powder sowing the same color as the foundation that you can use for the same result and flat so that the matching brush to go to the neck and shoulders.


Give blush or blusher. At the time of giving blush do not be afraid of and choose a color that is subtle, such as pink. Brush blush on the cheekbone earlier with the help of a brush blush on thick hairy.


  • In EYESHADOM give eyelid, light brown or bronze color on the eyelid take part. Perform gradation of color by giving the brown color, on bagian kelopak above. 
  • To emphasize the eyes, use black eyeliner or dark brown on the lower end of the eyelid.Brush back eyeshadow with the aid of a pointed-shaped brush, to straighten the eyeliner is a mess. 
  • When wanted a more assertive eyeliner, brush back eyeliner pada the lower end of the eyelid. 


  • If your eyelashes is rare, you can work around this by using the mascara eyelashes, but select a mascara with natural colors like black or dark brown. 
  • Use the eyelash curler tool, for member tapering impression on eyelashes. 
  • To straighten hair mascara that accumulate the eye, use a toothed comb eyelashes rare. 
  • Then use a eyelash brush, to make your eyelashes seems more neat and orderly.


  • Beautify use eyebrow pencil for brows to shape your eyebrows seemed more fresh and beautiful. 
  • Then use a brow brush or comb to straighten the hairs on the brow of a mess as to be arranged neatly. 
  • To use the impression of a neat and thick, use a brow mascara. Pick a color mascara nearly equal to the original color you have


This is the last and look sexy is the lip, so before coloring the lips before it is better first frame of your lips using your lip color pencil older than your lip color that will be used. To maintain long-lasting lipsticks can use foundation on lips before lipstick mengolekan. Choose the color of your natural lipstik not too flashy, but just like your lip color so it looks natural.

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