Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Lipstick Color and Personality

You may not believe that before you say a word, the color of lipstick you've talked a lot about you. Maybe you think this is a myth.
Try checking the following meanings and examine whether in accordance with your personality.
1. Orange. Lipstick orange color of yag you dab on the lips already exudes a sense of confidence that you have. The dominant color of the many options this lipstick color signifies that you have properties and behavior of others than the other and contradict each other. If the lipstick color orange is a trend then you either choose another color, so you prefer to look different.
2. Pink. The color of the closest natural lip color. Options lipstick color is a sign that you're honest. sincere and happy if you can please many people.
3. Berry brown. You are mysterious and exciting but still can be approached. Sweet but tough.
4. Purple. You might be scary. But fans of dark purple lipstick marks like master, like command and just like your own ways.

5. Shiny brown. Brown means business. This natural color looks beautiful with the suits. Glossy brown lipstick marks you keep a distance and actually in terms of business. But the sensuous sheen on your lipstick indicates that you are open to persuasion.
6. Rose's parents. You are sexy, passionate and charming. The man likes you as a person and your lips are ripe passionate. You are not among women who preferred women. Pastu man like you but with the best possible way.
7. Natural and transparent. You are too concerned about the appearance, well groomed and neat. Lipstick color trends come and go but you really do not care. You like to remain feminine in nature.
8. Violet and lilac. Your love life is full of surprises and fun-grazed brinkmanship.
9. Dark red. You are cheerful and likes to liven up and turn on the festive atmosphere. Confident, sophisticated and very female. You know exactly what's good for you and how to get it. Cosmetics also have an influence as well as clothing.

Then how do you think after reading the reviews above? Cocokkah with your personality?

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