Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Style Skirt

Short stature
When your body is not high enough, create the illusion of wearing a mini skirt. That way, your legs will look longer. As a supporter, you can wear stiletto shoes for a more sexy appearance.

Straight Body shape (boyish figure)
Choose a skirt with pleats or rimpel details. With the impression that 'full', frilly skirt will make your body appear more 'shaped'. Long skirts are not better than the knee, so as not to look like 'mind'.

Large Thighs
Avoid skirts span. Choose a full skirt or flare skirts that do not assert shape your thighs. In order to look more proportional, select a length just below the knee.

Large Stomach
You can use line skirt with waist below the navel (hipster). This form will hide a big belly and distract people from your stomach. But avoid skirts with tight cuts on the hips, for example skirt flares.

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