Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Kebaya Beautiful Enchantment

Kebaya Modern - For those of you who want to look beautiful, modern kebaya is still the choice of Indonesian women. Because, through this clothing beauty Mother Kartini be attached to the women of Indonesia.

Over the development period, the modified form of kebaya be better to make it look graceful when worn by women. Today many modern kebaya model on the market and female market was no longer awkward to use it, because it has become a trend in itself.

In order not to have an error in the selection model kebaya, here are some tips onin choosing a a modern kebaya :

Kebaya exceed hip

Modern Kebaya who bears should exceed a few centimeters from your hips. It is intended that the kebaya in use is not greatness nor smallness when viewed from the vertical size.

Modern Kebaya equipped pading

Pading are additional accessories in the form of wedge shoulder and is often used to balance the goal of producing the impression of the bottom so it is more pleasing to the eye of the eye.

Kebaya model 'Kutubaru'

Modern Kebaya new models will mite more modest and worthy subject for you who have big hips. This is because people would focus more attention on the top of the kebaya do a bit 'open'.

Traditional Kebaya

If you are a feminine woman, then you can choose the model of traditional Kebaya who is trendy, but still clinging with simple lines and simple. As kebaya off shoulder-come popular. But this should not you wear kebaya if you were thin.

Siasati with sequins

For those of you small chested, then siasati with added sequins on the front.

Use boned corset

You can experiment by using hit-and-color style kebaya. Make a corset ber'tulang 'fitted satin brocade with a different color from kebaya counterpart. Surely you will be more beautiful appearance with traditional Kebaya.

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