Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Trend Hair Color

Metrogaya - Coloring hair is one of the most effective way to change the appearance. Of course, the selected color should match your personality and your haircut. That is because the coloring and cut-out is a unity.

If you are interested in appearance With the ever changing hair color and cut would not hurt to see a growing trend in 2010. Matrix, a leading manufacturer of hair dyes make color and haircuts trends involving hairdresser from five countries. Namely the United States, Australia, Britain, France and Canada. There are four hair styles that you can copy and will be the trend in 2010. Consider the following styles and hair color, if you want to change hairstyle.

1. Textured
Textures is a short hair style with three levels of clipping layer. Colors that are suitable for this hairstyle is the ruby and violet. For the records can be blown straight hair and curly fluffy. Suitable for dynamic women.

2. Seductress
Seductress rely on dark colors to show the impression section, such as dark chocolate. Hair style is suitable for you who has shoulder-length hair, is to give curling styling for more sexy appearance.

3. Pixielated
Pixie hairstyle remains the trend in 2010, but has a lot of progress. For color matching you can use caramel color. Suitable for those who like to appear bold and different.

4. Wavelengths
Loose layer clipping is still a mainstay for the hair style of 2010. To you who have the cheek tapered bangs can be cut in a flat, but for those who have the cheek should contain, in asymmetrical bangs cut. The colors fit for the long layer of hair, among others, copper and mocca.

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