Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Using Pants Cullote

Trousers with wide cut in the bottom of this back into a star in the fashion show stage a number of famous designers. Call it, Stella McCartney, Marc from Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta and the preoccupied style show with a unified frontier cullote.

With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, action cullote fascinating look while highlighting the beauty of the woman's knee and thigh.

After 2002, cullote prestige had declined. Replaced with matching leggings trend dipadupadankan pants with boots. However, shorts that look like this skirt seems to be again victorious in the spring and summer this year.

By supporting the sexy and elegant appearance, unified frontier cullote must correct usage. Want to know the tricks to use cullote so as not to look weird?

  1. Mix and match these pants with a neat blazer to show off your waist. Use pants with material that falls so that it looks neat and widened to perfection. Then, mix with your favorite stilettos. Mix and match is very suitable for evening walk together with friends in a slightly high class. Or, it can also be used to the office if your office does not have a strict dress rules.
  2. Want to look more relaxed, search cullot with a slightly faded color, then match with a vest or backless t-shirt with a lightweight material.
  3. To be able to look more relaxed and still show off the beauty of the feet, you can integrate with high wedges. Be prepared to hang out after office hours ended.

Source : VIVAnews

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