Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Selecting a beautiful bag in the window Mall

Collecting the bags are beautiful and colorful it is one of the favorite women. Moreover, there is a row of hand bags (handbags) are displayed in the window pretty-mall storefront. Options that satisfy the expectations of every woman to get that beautiful bag or funny at the same time really useful to use. How to choose tasyang beautiful, and what are the options so that the bag can satisfy you. We recommend that you see some options bag model that can make you drooling over. 

LeisureRoll - Vintage Glam: An old-fashioned coin-inspired purse with snap lock will make you look feminine and vintage, but also up-to-date with fashion trends. Coin purse can be combined with all kinds, ranging from thick feel of vintage clothing to dress her cocktail. Red Roses: Display the bag will look more beautiful with the addition of accessories such as brooches roses., Or bias in the form of beautiful stones. See how beautiful rows of roses with stone jewelry as the crown and create a look glamorous handbag. Perfect Black: To improve your appearance while wearing a little black dress, wearing a black handbag. Select a beaded bag that looks simple, stylish and not everlasting era. This will create the look you keep up-date. Silver and Metallic: Various models Clucths bag or silver metallic color will make your appearance look sexy. Usually the fashionable women who wore this bag. Wear a little black dress with flanking Clucths bag to make it look more elegant and glamorous. Velvet Bag: Do not just think of it as something that is dressy velvet when he heard the word. In certain forms, you can also tenteng velvet-tenteng at noon. Look at the purple hobo bag would be perfect for your eclectic style. Characteristic-the character of this bag could be considered good, for fans of beautiful bags. (FNN Tri) 

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