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Most people would use fragrance to enhance his performance. Usually the same fragrance smell is not necessarily the same after being sprayed into parts of your body.

Keep in mind when using fragrance is how spraying and where do alone, for fragrances remain attached throughout the day. Here are his tips.

1. Get used to using the perfume after bathing, and in a state of the body completely - completely dry, as if still a little wet will damage the use of fragrances.

2. Spray fragrance on pulse points (wrists, upper arms elbows, behind knees, behind the ear) to increase the intensity of aroma.

3. Spray fragrances with a distance of ± 20 cm from the body for skin can be absorbed well and make its spread evenly. Spraying too close to the skin to create a fragrance does not dry out naturally so as not to release the fragrance it contains.

4. When using it at the wrist, attach to the other wrist, but not rubbed. This will cause the scent does not appear naturally but can be mixed into one.

5. To obtain comprehensive results, spray a little into the air in front of you and walk forward past the "cloud of perfume" in front of you. Spray a little into your hair will provide a unique scent when you brush the hair.

6. Use a range of fragrances with the same smell from shower gel, body lotion / body cream, Eau de Toilet as a whole.

7. For men, spray perfume on the skin of the right chest and left then front. Use aftershave to maximize fragrances worn.

8. Spray repeated throughout the day to increase your pleasure.

9. Adjust fragrance based on the season. Lightweight for summer, strong for the winter.

When using fragrance there are some things you should consider, namely

1. Do not choose a fragrance because you like the smell of other people.

2. Do not spray perfume directly on the jewelry or a fragile fabric that is easy because it can make damaged.

3. Do not use two fragrances at the same time unless it was created to complement each other or can be used together.

4. Do not apply perfume before or while under the scorching sun.
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