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Kebaya and Dress

Fortunately for Indonesia has a range of designer wedding dress that is able to integrate Costume Design of local color and flavor global.Apa only choice? Selection of actual wedding dress is just a matter of taste, taste, and personal limitations of daily queen elegance.
Design of modern dress, traditional Kebaya Design, or modification, all the same lure. Only, it must be adjusted to the concept of marriage to be carried. Is the model a la wedding palace / royal luxury and party extravaganza. If the party of traditional nuances, of course, exactly the choice Kebaya Design. Fortunately for Indonesia has a lot of designers who are creative and intelligent kebaya modify various model kebaya, whether modifications to the model, materials, and details as well as Home Fashion. That way, there is always new in the outcome.
S Ghea Panggabean (Fashions House), for example. Some time ago, the designer famous for Costume Design songket fabric presents a collection of bridal kebaya kebaya style inspired by the Javanese, Sundanese, and Sumatra. The one that stole the attention is the design of classical palace kebaya dress made of black velvet ornamented with gold. "Kebaya is not always synonymous with brocade, other materials can also look beautiful in a kebaya, like velvet," he said, when met at the sidelines of the event "Inspiration Wedding Goddess Wedding Fair 2007", some time ago. If you want to give a touch of extravaganza, there's no harm in cheating Amy Atmanto ideas in designing the kebaya. Royal Sulam label owner (House of Fashion) is highly adept wed local color with global flavors. As a result, classic style contemporary kebaya, kebaya Sunda formation with a ballerina-style dress.
As charged in the private Marshanda shownya fashion that was held some time ago. In designing kebaya, Amy accidentally entered the West elements in Eastern elegance. He convinced the designers creativity Indonesia, kebaya will appear more global. "All we had to do was make kebaya more friendly to use," he said. Meanwhile, the bride who chose a modern concept in her wedding reception later, please come on the line of designer wedding dresses Indonesia. Their work largely been MEND apat place in the hearts of the international community.

No less compelling, which is a collection of wedding dresses belongs Biyan Wanaatmadja (Fashions House). Newest collection which was released in June and took City grandeur of Manhattan in the '50s as the background. Biyan give a new touch to the dress pengantin.Tak only luxury, too beautiful, elegant, classic as well. Despite taking serbamodern style metropolis, Biyan slipped chic East nation in dalamnya.Menurut him, the design concept was inspired by a wedding reception elegant with a touch of retro-modern, glamorous ambiance of this romantic era metropolis 1950.

Biyan rely solely on character design and the strength of the material he uses. Beginning with the modern wedding dress, she presents a model cut dress ball inflates gownyang dramatis.Tidak put sequins as a detail, he replaced it with pleats, wrinkles, and large band that becomes the main ornament. So which is your choice?

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