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How to Choose High Heels Feet Under Shape

Lots of high heels models that can be selected. Things to consider when choosing the clothing equivalent of high heels are worn and the event which will be attended. Shape of the foot should also be a consideration in selecting high heels. One-one, high heels are not in accordance with the shape of the foot will actually create the appearance of a strange and tekesan force. Should a particular model of high heels that we choose can covershortcomings of the body especially the legs . For that we must be very clever to choose the right high heels according to the shape of the foot.

Here are tips on choosing high heels according to the shape of the foot that will help you get the perfect appearance:

1. Shape short leg

To make legs look long, choose the high heels that have a considerable distance between the heel with the body frame, with a height of 7-12 cm rights. Not recommended use rights especially thick wedges, if forced to choose a dark color.

2. Shape long leg

Leg length is a boon for women. With legs, the woman will look tall and will be easier also to select the desired high heels. To beautify and highlight the beauty of her legs, leggy women can wear high heels with the right taper and thin (stilleto). No need to right that was too long, just 5-7 cm.

3. Form of fat legs

To meniruskan feet, it is advisable to wear high heels and soles of feet high bearing. Do not wear stilleto wearing thin or right because it will make your appearance look weird. Use high heels with being with the right breadth 7-10 cm high.

Well, if you already know the model of high heels that match the shape of the foot, you can look more confident, whatever shape your legs. Congratulations her high heels ria.

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